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Fantasy Football

OK all you couch potato coaches who are ready to test your coaching skills against the best. It’s fun but most of all it’s free.  You have several leagues to choose from so shouldn’t be a problem finding a open slot. As stated earlier you will be playing against the best since I’m in every league. All you have to do is click on the link which will take you to the fantasy players main page. Enter the league name in the search box and you do the rest. If  you have any problem with the links, just click on join free fantasy football and use the team name.



Team  Name – Pigskin Gurus- Draft Date- 8/22-7:00 pm

                           NFL Football Rules- Draft Date- 8/24-9:15 pm



Team  Name-Pigskin Sackers- Draft Date-8/23-3:15 pm

                         Football Rules 09- Draft Date-8/22-6:15 pm


PM me if you have any questions. If anyone wants info for FOX or AOL you can PM me.

Posted on: April 17, 2008 12:15 am

Memphis could be better than last year!

Memphis has signed Tyreke Evans, Angel Garcia, Matt Simpkins, and it looks good for Devon Ebanks and Witherspoon to follow Evans. That in it's self could be a contender if indeed we sign Ebanks and Witherspoon. CDR could return most likely will make the jump to the NBA. but returning Anderson, Dozier, Mack,Taggert, Robinson, and Kemp It would be a team of destiny. This team could be better than last years. I know I'm jumping the gun on the 2 unsigned players but I think with Tyreke signing it will tilt those players in our favor since they have said Memphis is a school of intrest for both.Also Andre Allen can return for another year if he wants to play. Coach Cal and Memphis should be cocked and loaded for 08. Go Tigers
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Posted on: April 8, 2008 2:32 pm

Calipari Is to Blame more than missing FT's

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All year long, a source close to the Memphis program said last night, Calipari has practiced exactly what to do in those situation - up three, time running out. All season long, the Tigers practiced fouling in those situations. Maybe Calipari figured they would remember.

He must have. He didn't call a timeout to remind them. They didn't foul. Mario Chalmers hit a game-tying 3. Overtime was a formality; Kansas won the game, 75-68.

Memphis had 2 time outs left! After Rose hit 1 of 2 and put Memphis up 3 with 10 seconds left, He should have called a time out to make sure the players knew to foul before a shot was taken. If you watch Rose slighty bumped and put his arms up to show he wasn't trying to foul.

Tennessee beat Memphis the say way. Vols up by 3, fouled Memphis to put them on the line. Even if he hits 2 Tenn would still have a 1 pt lead. Also Coach Cal didn't use his bench as he had all year. Mack played 2 mins and Kemp played 4 mins. Both contributed all year and should have been used to spell Rose-45 mins, Anderson and CDR 42 mins each.

I have a couple other issues with Calipari from last night but it's time to let it go. I still think Coach Cal is a great Coach and glad he is a Tiger, but last night he lost the game more than the missed FT's.

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Posted on: April 7, 2008 6:24 pm

Derrick Rose Will Not Let Memphis Lose!


Derrick Rose is in a league of his own. No disrespect to all the great guards on Kansas and the country, but It's like a man playing against boys when he takes over the game. Since the Tourney started Rose has turned it up a notch, shifted to another gear, been turned loose to not let Memphis lose. He can dribble faster up the court than most players can run without it.

I know Kansas is going to play 4 different guards on him and the plan is to wear him out, but it will really be the reverse Rose will beat any of those defending him so it will take that many defenders so thay can rest. Rose played 38 mins against UCLA. so he doesn't need much rest. Trust me Rose will have plenty help tonight, Memphis is a team and that's how they play and how they have won.

CDR, Dorsey, Anderson, Dozer (starters) bench is deep with Taggart, Kemp, Mack, Robinson, Niles and of course Allen who was suspended and Rose's back up didn't make the trip. Kansas will be the best team Memphis will have played this year and it should be one of the best games ever played in a final. They match up well both on offense and defense. I expect it to be a close game, but when the fianl horn sounds and the dust settles, it will be Derrick Rose who will not let Memphis lose. Memphis 81-75.

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Posted on: January 25, 2008 5:14 pm

Work VS Keith Lee!

As you may know I am a Memphis Tiger's BBall fan. Back in the mid 80's Memphis had a great team led by 1st team All American Keith Lee. Memphis was having a great year going to the NCAA's as a #1 seed. I wanted to go to Keith Lee's final home game as a Memphis Tiger.  Back then they were known as Memphis State Tiger's. The last home game was on a Saturday afternoon and I had to work. I was a manager for a retail chain called at that time Peaches Record's and Tape. I called my boss who was in Florida and asked if I could take the afternoon off to go to the game. He thought It would be best for me to stay at work.

I thought how would he ever know if I, say, took a long lunch?  I told my cashiers what to say if he called back for me. I didn't have a ticket but found one from a scalper in the nose bleed section. It was a sold out wackey crowd that was really showing their apprecation for 4 years of greatness from one of the best players to ever lace up a a pair of sneakers.

As the game was coming to a close and Memphis had the game in hand, you could sense the sadness overcoming the crowd knowing any moment you would see Keith Lee's last touch of the ball in his last home game. I moved down from the nose bleed section to be closer to the court. I stood at a railing close to the Memphis State bench. I rested my chin on my hands along with 2 other people whom were doing the exact same thing I was doing. Little did we know a hugh sign had been placed on the railing facing the court that said, "We will miss you Keith Lee."  I could have never invisioned that a photo would be taken of 3 sad faced Memphis State fans who would appear on the front page of the Memphis paper and also found its way into the USA Today paper.

I failed to mention one thing about my boss. HE READ'S THE USA TODAY PAPER DAILY!!

It was so unbelievably funny that my boss just chuckled it off.


Posted on: January 23, 2008 6:48 pm

"The Show"

Welcome to the Show, the Show that never ends my friends!  Somewhere, at any given time, 24/7, day or night, male or female, young and old and all ages in between find themselves participating in the Show. What is the Show you ask or better question, why is it a Show?  The Show, as it’s called by its proper name is the CBS Sportsline Community Message Board. The why?  It’s a Show comprised of the fabrication of mostly sports chat from a wide variety of people, some who are extremely knowledgeable, about a wide variety of sports topics and issues.   But many turn out to be actors, characters; cynical extremists or so fanatical they turn sarcastically mean and hurtful to the beginners,    the amateurs and rookies or others who have less knowledge.

OH! I can’t forget about the TROLLS - those whose only objective is to disrupt the Show, using profanity, nonsense posts and giving out zero ratings that can affect the reputation of those who really take the Show seriously.   Thanks to CBS administrators for changing the rating process to hopefully leave the Trolls without an opportunity to hurt the true cast of the Show.

Anyone can join the Show as long as you have access to the World Wide Web.   After you sign up with the Show you will be assigned a reputation and ranking, which will be as an Amateur, Your reputation gives you only limited roles and acts in the Show. You can increase your rating points by responding to threads or posts with comments that adds or contributes to the topic being discussed.  The other actors in the Show can help you by rating your post.  As mentioned earlier, the rating system, which has just changed and still being Tweaked, is 1* to 5* and 5* being the highest.

The next reputation level you can achieve is Rookie.  When you are an Amateur or Rookie it can be very frustrating.  It was for me. So don’t get discouraged, keep casting for the Show. I make it a point not to over look members in the Show who have something to contribute.

Your overall rating is made up of 4 Parts. Connections, Value, Participation and Skills.  Your score in each level are combined to determine your community level’s overall score.  The “Part” that impacted me the most was Connections where I was chosen as a favorite by others. In one of my posts I said, “You made my day.” Now you know why - I will not mention your cast name.

And of course, you have your Pros, All-Stars, Superstars, Top 10, 100 and 1000!  An honor to achieve any of these levels.

If you are a sensitive person I’m warning you the Show is not always hunky-dory.  A lot of hatred exists between rival teams, rival conferences, rival posters and rivals between rivals. The Show‘s cast members take this very seriously, just like heated competition in sports; the poster’s can be just as competitive.

What was my point in this blog? Just to say, welcome to the Show, the Show that never ends my friends!


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